Friday, July 9, 2010


 I have been going through photos. 

I wanted to share a few. 
The Famous Salt and Pepper Costumes sophomore year of high school 
(The one in the yearbook at least has my eyes open!)
1993 in my college dorm room
Oct 2001 9mth old Maxie and I visit Kelly in Fort Collins
Kelly's Wedding May 2006 (KT was the junior bridesmaid. Me, pregnant, of course)
Dancing her wedding night away...

Why does Kelly always look so good and I look like such a goof? The header is from '94. Kelly's boyfriend at the time was taking a photography class and made us model for him. He sent me a stack of pics a few weeks ago. A precious treasure. I had forgotten about our "photo shoot". I wish there were more to show you. There are so many holes in this timeline. But, I offer it, holes and all, because as sad as it makes me, it makes me happy, too. 
Happy to see us so happy. Happy to see her so healthy. 
Happy to know that it was all real.