Thursday, October 28, 2010


So, as you can see, I've made some changes here on the blog. I've been hesitant, for obvious reasons, but when I looked at the page there was so much that wasn't true anymore. Inspired by the fall, a transformation seemed in order. I hope it pleases :)

And for those of you waiting to hear about the family experiment, it was a bust. But that's okay. It was my own fault. I wasn't prepared enough. I promise to give a full report when it actually happens. In the meantime, I will give you a hint. It involves the question, how many "necessities" can we live with out for a week? Scary? I know.

We have been busy making things, which you all know is a favorite pastime.

pumpkin butter
bundt cakes
Wee Folk Felt Dolls inspired by this post
 our first ever corn husk dolls
 leaf piles
more bundt cakes
and pumpkin puree

See, loads of fun! It really has been quite wonderful. I love doing things like this as a family. Speaking of family, I wanted to share my sister-in-law's, sister-in-law (who is also my dear friend) Liz's etsy shop, While PJ sleeps! She is a new mama and an incredible artist. She has been making these unbelievable pictures using paint sample swatches from the hardware store! Her work is amazing so please check out her shop and spread the word. 

Lots of Love :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Things have been a bit crazy here. We are in the middle of a family experiment :) Not much time to talk. But please enjoy these pictures (taken by K.T.) of the beautiful Autumn we are having and the first pie I have ever made from scratch (inspired by Ari)!!

Lots of Love

Friday, October 8, 2010

For You...

The picture above was taken 9 years ago, maybe to the day. A nine month old Maxie and I flew into Colorado so you and I could celebrate our birthdays together. So very much has happened in such a short time. It seems so unreal. So wrong. Today (like everyday) I missed you and can't get this song out of my head. After sending you a depressing message on Facebook and subsequent mini breakdown at 4:30 this morning, I have done my best to be happy (except when I almost gave in to the overwhelming urge to kick over the Breast Cancer sign at the door of the grocery store with the two smiling ladies and the caption, "We beat it", while ripping all the pink ribbons to shreds).* Not overly successful. But I did manage to do a few other things that I know would make you smile...
Peanut butter and bacon sandwiches (a staple in your junior high lunch box),
 Apple picking... ok so I didn't actually go apple picking, but I looked longingly at my neighbors tree and wished I could pick them,**

and your mama's "apple of my eye" bundt cake with caramel sauce. I have never had a bundt cake turn out so perfectly. Thanks for that :)

Happy Birthday Buff!! 
I love you.

*I am thrilled for Cancer survivors!! Truly. You know my grandma is a survivor. It just stung a little today. You understand.

** The cake was not made from stolen apples :)