Thursday, December 9, 2010

been busy...

lovin' this baby.

Zelie Mae
7 lbs 15 oz  (ouch!)

I'll be back soon :)

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Most of you know about this blog's connection to Gardenmama and the Wellness Tree. Well, true to form, in honor of Kelly's Birthday, the beautiful Nicole did a perfectly wonderful thing and set up a swap. An Artful Stone Swap. I chose to paint on my stones.

Each one different, I wrapped them in pieces of an old vintage pattern and bound them with raffia that had belonged to Kelly. As I said a little prayer for each recipient, I closed my eyes (to remain impartial), put each tiny parcel in their envelope and sent them off. I don't know who will receive which stone, but I trust that it's message is particularly for the one who receives it :)

Lots of love

Thursday, October 28, 2010


So, as you can see, I've made some changes here on the blog. I've been hesitant, for obvious reasons, but when I looked at the page there was so much that wasn't true anymore. Inspired by the fall, a transformation seemed in order. I hope it pleases :)

And for those of you waiting to hear about the family experiment, it was a bust. But that's okay. It was my own fault. I wasn't prepared enough. I promise to give a full report when it actually happens. In the meantime, I will give you a hint. It involves the question, how many "necessities" can we live with out for a week? Scary? I know.

We have been busy making things, which you all know is a favorite pastime.

pumpkin butter
bundt cakes
Wee Folk Felt Dolls inspired by this post
 our first ever corn husk dolls
 leaf piles
more bundt cakes
and pumpkin puree

See, loads of fun! It really has been quite wonderful. I love doing things like this as a family. Speaking of family, I wanted to share my sister-in-law's, sister-in-law (who is also my dear friend) Liz's etsy shop, While PJ sleeps! She is a new mama and an incredible artist. She has been making these unbelievable pictures using paint sample swatches from the hardware store! Her work is amazing so please check out her shop and spread the word. 

Lots of Love :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Things have been a bit crazy here. We are in the middle of a family experiment :) Not much time to talk. But please enjoy these pictures (taken by K.T.) of the beautiful Autumn we are having and the first pie I have ever made from scratch (inspired by Ari)!!

Lots of Love

Friday, October 8, 2010

For You...

The picture above was taken 9 years ago, maybe to the day. A nine month old Maxie and I flew into Colorado so you and I could celebrate our birthdays together. So very much has happened in such a short time. It seems so unreal. So wrong. Today (like everyday) I missed you and can't get this song out of my head. After sending you a depressing message on Facebook and subsequent mini breakdown at 4:30 this morning, I have done my best to be happy (except when I almost gave in to the overwhelming urge to kick over the Breast Cancer sign at the door of the grocery store with the two smiling ladies and the caption, "We beat it", while ripping all the pink ribbons to shreds).* Not overly successful. But I did manage to do a few other things that I know would make you smile...
Peanut butter and bacon sandwiches (a staple in your junior high lunch box),
 Apple picking... ok so I didn't actually go apple picking, but I looked longingly at my neighbors tree and wished I could pick them,**

and your mama's "apple of my eye" bundt cake with caramel sauce. I have never had a bundt cake turn out so perfectly. Thanks for that :)

Happy Birthday Buff!! 
I love you.

*I am thrilled for Cancer survivors!! Truly. You know my grandma is a survivor. It just stung a little today. You understand.

** The cake was not made from stolen apples :)

Friday, September 10, 2010

apologies, reunions, creating and dreaming

First I want to apologize for my unacceptable over use of quotation marks in the last post. I have no excuse. But, it does remind me of point #1 of this. If you don't follow the blog Cake Wrecks and like to laugh hysterically, I highly recommend it!

 I am off to my 20 year reunion. I can't believe it has been 20 years since I graduated high school! Aren't I still 17? And who the heck had all these kids and left them at my house?! Although I jest, it really does feel that way sometimes. Especially when I see or talk to friends from high school. It feels so normal to be with them, like not a day has passed. I can't wait.

In further preparing for Lulu's birthday, I borrowed these books from the Library. Which have in turn inspired these...

Aren't they magical?

I want to live in one. Just a little larger, like this.
Actually, we really, really do want to live in a house like the one in the link. Maybe one day.
See you next week :)

Friday, September 3, 2010

Getting back to normal?

I'm not really sure what normal means or if anything about my life could ever be described that way, but we started back to "school" this week or home educating as some of my friends call it, and it felt good.

On a purely personal note, since the little toadstool, I have been getting back to "normal" by making a few other things. Inspired by this and this, I made this fairy crown for Lulu's Birthday Party.

I really love the way it turned out, even if it isn't a soft looking as the original felted version. It's supposed to go to a guest. But I might have to keep this one. I have three more to make.

After Susan, Kelly's precious mama and my adopted mama :), sent K.T. and me these lovely aprons,

 someone became a little jealous. So I made her this...

Apparently, a photo-shoot wasn't how Miss Lulu wanted to spend her time. So sorry Miss thing! 

I guess all this "making" is contagious. Kathryn made these the other day...

And Gabe, who is reading Robin Hood for school, made Solo these...

along with a belt and a cape. 

{Unfortunately the cape has been the victim of some misfortune (I'm sure the result of some battle to protect the poor), and the photos I took pre-incident are on my camera and the little dodad that allows me to put the photos on the computer has gone caput! All the lovely (note the sarcasm!) pics from today's post are courtesy of iPhone. Anyhoo, photos of the two foot Robin Hood will have to wait.} 

To celebrate a successful first week of "school", we had a delicious breakfast

peaches, pears, and cherries

topped with oats, flour, and butter

Baked to bubbly perfection!

So good!!!

So there you have it. I could show you much more. There's been drawing, book making, sewing, baking, and other fun stuff going on. It has been a good week. I think maybe "normal" means creating here in this happy, madhouse. I wouldn't have it any other way :)

Thank you to all the supportive comments. They mean so very much to me. Wish I could give you all a big hug :) It is my hope to post at least once a week, so you'll be seeing more of me.  

Take care and have a great holiday weekend!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

I made something...

It may seem silly, but since Kelly passed, I haven't been able to do anything crafty. I've had a million ideas. But inevitably, I get to the part where I would have called her, told her, brainstormed with her, planned with her, laughed with her. Then I'd get off the phone, energized, feeling so confident and embark on making something wonderful! Slightly dramatized, but you get the picture. And since I don't have my sounding board/cheerleader anymore, the idea just fizzles and I miss her.

Well, this weekend I had a break through. Nothing significant happened. Maybe it's just that enough time has passed. Or maybe its that this idea can't fizzle. I have a birthday I must plan for a very special 4 year old fairy and a craft-blocked mama won't do. 

This was the first step. I made this:

I have 8 more to make. They are going into goody bags along with other woodland-y things. It's not great, but 4 year olds aren't big critics. I'm just glad I made something. I forgot how it feels to see an idea materialize. It felt good. It felt right. And when it was all finished, I sat it on the table and then I missed her.

Friday, July 9, 2010


 I have been going through photos. 

I wanted to share a few. 
The Famous Salt and Pepper Costumes sophomore year of high school 
(The one in the yearbook at least has my eyes open!)
1993 in my college dorm room
Oct 2001 9mth old Maxie and I visit Kelly in Fort Collins
Kelly's Wedding May 2006 (KT was the junior bridesmaid. Me, pregnant, of course)
Dancing her wedding night away...

Why does Kelly always look so good and I look like such a goof? The header is from '94. Kelly's boyfriend at the time was taking a photography class and made us model for him. He sent me a stack of pics a few weeks ago. A precious treasure. I had forgotten about our "photo shoot". I wish there were more to show you. There are so many holes in this timeline. But, I offer it, holes and all, because as sad as it makes me, it makes me happy, too. 
Happy to see us so happy. Happy to see her so healthy. 
Happy to know that it was all real.