Friday, July 9, 2010


 I have been going through photos. 

I wanted to share a few. 
The Famous Salt and Pepper Costumes sophomore year of high school 
(The one in the yearbook at least has my eyes open!)
1993 in my college dorm room
Oct 2001 9mth old Maxie and I visit Kelly in Fort Collins
Kelly's Wedding May 2006 (KT was the junior bridesmaid. Me, pregnant, of course)
Dancing her wedding night away...

Why does Kelly always look so good and I look like such a goof? The header is from '94. Kelly's boyfriend at the time was taking a photography class and made us model for him. He sent me a stack of pics a few weeks ago. A precious treasure. I had forgotten about our "photo shoot". I wish there were more to show you. There are so many holes in this timeline. But, I offer it, holes and all, because as sad as it makes me, it makes me happy, too. 
Happy to see us so happy. Happy to see her so healthy. 
Happy to know that it was all real.


  1. Dear sweet Kandyce, I have seen some of these precious photos already and am so thankful to see all of these photos here together. You both look stunning and so happy, two sisters sharing life together! The last photo is my favorite, what beautiful memories you have shared together. I love you dear friend, Kelly is sorely missed. Thank you for sharing her with us here. xoxo

  2. Oh my...salt and pepper shakerrs. Those costumes are so wonderful. I love seeing the strong bond you and Kelly's still going strong for sure. I am so glad you took the time to share these photos here. They are so special. Thinking of you.


  3. I still laugh when I see the Salt & Pepper! I remember one of the teachers asking, "why didn't you and Kelly switch?" How absurb!! I miss Kelly everyday, but I'm thankful I have you my love to continue the memories. Your other Mom xoxo

  4. Dear Kandyce,
    Please forgive me for writing this here, I wanted to let you know that I am able to receive email yet for some strange reason can not send email out. I am thinking of you and love you and wanted to let you know "Where I am" Love, Nicole xoxo

  5. Dear Kan,

    It WAS all real! And it was so beautiful to see your pretty faces together in these pics. The two of you will always go together in my mind. Like "Peas and Carrots", "Ketchup and Mustard" "Salt and Pepper".

    Love you,

  6. I love the pictures Kandyce...but, the last picture is such a great one...the salt and pepper is too funny and very cute! Thinking of you Kan...


  7. Kandyce,

    Thank you, as always, for being so generous sharing with the rest of us the love you and Kelly shared. I, like you, feel both broken hearted and full of joy when I see pictures of her. She was so full of life and it's just so unfair that she's not here, however, as you know, the love goes on. The love never goes away, the relationship doesn't end just because she's not here in the same way. I am comforted knowing that she will be with us, all of us, all the time and forever, inspiring us to be better people, reminding us that no matter what, it's all going to be okay, it is okay.

    Love you.

  8. Kandyce, would you believe that I lived in that basement apartment on Washington St in Fort Collins through August 2000? I recognized that backyard immediately! Now I remember that Kelly and I figured out (after having been friends for a year or two) that we had both lived in the same exact place when we were in grad school--just sequentially, not simultaneously. Thanks for sharing these photos--they made me smile (as all pictures of Kelly do). (And you don't look like a goof, by the way! I remember how happy you looked at her wedding. I had heard so much about Kandyce that it was great to finally meet you, albeit briefly.)