Saturday, May 14, 2011

365 days...

since you left us. 

Love you always.

p.s. come back on Monday for a Kelly inspired project :)


  1. Just her body...her spirit will be here with us always:-) Love you and thinking of you today.XOXO

  2. While I never met Kelly, I think of her frequently. I'm so thankful that she shared herself with me.

  3. Kelly's name and face popped up for me recently. Emails we exchanged that I've never been able to delete. And today, her face on facebook. I thought it interesting as obviously her spirit is inspiring you to do something. Looking forward to seeing how you two have been conspiring...her spirit is very much alive and present even in this dimensino. blessings and peace~ elizabeth

  4. Hugs for you and your family Kandyce. I have been thinking of you.