Friday, September 10, 2010

apologies, reunions, creating and dreaming

First I want to apologize for my unacceptable over use of quotation marks in the last post. I have no excuse. But, it does remind me of point #1 of this. If you don't follow the blog Cake Wrecks and like to laugh hysterically, I highly recommend it!

 I am off to my 20 year reunion. I can't believe it has been 20 years since I graduated high school! Aren't I still 17? And who the heck had all these kids and left them at my house?! Although I jest, it really does feel that way sometimes. Especially when I see or talk to friends from high school. It feels so normal to be with them, like not a day has passed. I can't wait.

In further preparing for Lulu's birthday, I borrowed these books from the Library. Which have in turn inspired these...

Aren't they magical?

I want to live in one. Just a little larger, like this.
Actually, we really, really do want to live in a house like the one in the link. Maybe one day.
See you next week :)


  1. lol i have seen 'cake wrecks' before!! there is another blog along the same lines i will have to find for you : )
    i am so happy to hear you are excited about your reunion, yes... where did all these littles come from exactly!?
    i love love the fairy houses!! if only we lived closer : )
    i have a rag rug link to send to you...
    sending love xoxo
    so happy to see you in this space - you brighten my day!

  2. If you figure out how to make these magical houses a little bigger...I'll take one, even with a few kids in it. LOL I love you!

  3. I want one of those little houses! They're like the homes in Lord of the Rings. I love your little miniature ones! It was so good to see you Kandyce...although...hmmm...I never heard from you after...hmm. I'll let it slide this time lady.... :)

  4. Oh, by the way, that was me that commented last :)

  5. Kandyce - these little houses remind me of ones that bowerbirds make to attract a mate - i saw them in national goegraphic a few months ago - they are very very intricate and creative and each one is different. i love the picture at the top of your blog - it is so happy.
    here is the link to the "bird houses"