Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Things have been a bit crazy here. We are in the middle of a family experiment :) Not much time to talk. But please enjoy these pictures (taken by K.T.) of the beautiful Autumn we are having and the first pie I have ever made from scratch (inspired by Ari)!!

Lots of Love


  1. I love that you made Susan and Ari's pie!!
    The photos are absolutely stunning! (I'm waiting for K.T.'s etsy shop!) What a gift she has!
    Sending love xoxo
    (I want to hear about the experiment!) : )

  2. Ooooh! What kinda pie? I just made pumpkin and peach for my 10 year old birthday girl! Love your daughter's photos of falll leaves. Hope you are all doing well!


  3. i will definitely be posting about the experiment. i can't wait to share. i love K.T.'s photos, too. she's getting so good!! love right back atcha!

  4. Lisa,
    It's an apple pie. It turned out so wonderfully. I've always been so intimidated by pie crust. No More! It was good fun and delicious.

    Blessings to you and yours :)

  5. I agree with Nicole... K.T., can I borrow you to take my photos?? We can bake Mexican wedding cookies again! I love the photos of the fall and it reminds me to stop and enjoy the beauty around us amidst sadness, it can lighten the heart! Love you,

  6. Kandyce:

    I thought that the whole Nelson household was one highly successful experiment :) I can't wait to see what else you have in store for us!

    The pictures are great, especially the texture on the leaves.

    Big Hugs from Kentucky!

  7. Susan- I would love to share K.T.'s photo talent. It's like having my own professional. I feel so spoiled :) I agree about the Fall. It is uplifting. I just wish it would last a little longer. Love you, too!

    Matt- The results of the experiment you refer to have yet to be determined! We'll have to just wait and see. Unfortunately there can be at least 9 different results!!! No stress there :)

    Big Hugs to you and the little one, too!

  8. Those are the most beautiful fall pictures I have ever seen.Someone has amazing talent.
    I love that your blog is up and running again.
    The Emily Dickinson quote always give me goosebumps whenever I read it.