Friday, May 1, 2009

May Flowers

I am so glad May is here too--thanks for your post, Kandyce, and the wonderful ideas. If anyone is looking for a beautiful book on how to make paper flowers, check out Susan Tierney Cockburn's book, "Paper Bouquets: Using Paper Punches to Create Beautiful Flowers" by Lark Books. (I'm not just saying that because my mom is the author and artist behind these amazing flowers--it's really a wonderful book)!

Ari and I are loving "walking in our garden" each morning. Here's a picture of Ari walking with his Grammy(the artist herself) the week she was vising and helping put in the front garden. After all of the rain and warm days we've had here in Kentucky, the flowers have really taken off and filled in. I'll take a picture in a few weeks when the bulbs come in.