Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sew Darn Great Book

I'm in love with a new sewing book I bought yesterday called Sew Darn Cute . Ari and I had a fun-filler mommy/baby day at Joseph Beth bookstore here in Lexington. We sang and read books at Baby Story time (Ari's best friend Jade was there too!) and then we had an impromptu, very indulgent lunch in the cafe.

I know I haven't written about this before now, but I should just come out and say that I was diagnosed with breast cancer in February. The cancer was not in my lymph nodes and even though I'm still waiting to find out if I'll need chemo, I'm doing great. I have been fighting with my insurance and surgeon all week over a bill for my mastectomy I had 8 weeks ago, so itsy-bitsy spider, lunch, and shopping for craft books was a great way to get my mind off of everything going on here (and in California, but that's for Kandyce to talk about). There's just something about looking at craft books, or swatches of fabric--or anything else that get the creative ideas flowing, you know? Puts me in a good mood.

One more thing--I've since realized that the author of my book find also hosts a website and blog of the same name. She has great ideas for simple projects for baby, the home, clothes and accessories. Great for beginners like me. Now, I just need the baby to start going to bed early again so I can try some of these things out!


  1. I checked out the blog for the book and besides sewing I also found this yummy looking recipe for smores cupcakes.


  2. First of all, thanks for the book link.

    Wow, mama - you have a lot you're working through. I am so glad to hear all is going well at this point. I'll keep you in my thoughts.

    (and this comment will say it's from Megan@SortaCrunchy, but I'm also Megan from Simple Kids. Just wanted to say thanks for being a part of our community!)