Thursday, June 11, 2009

Craft Hope Doll Project

Here's the story of my doll for Craft Hope's current doll project:
I don't know how to make a doll. I don't know how to hand sew and have to beg my husband to sew buttons on for me. That said, I gathered wonderful and inspiring materials like 100% wool felt yarn, bamboo stuffing, and vintage fabrics and sat down to make my doll on a rare night when the house was totally quiet. The baby was tucked in bed and my husband was out singing Karaoke with friends, another rare occurrence (I heard his "Billy Jean" was a crowd-pleaser. He ended with "no, really, the kid is my son and I love him). By the time he came home, I had a doll! She wasn't much to brag about, but I was pleased with my efforts. My husband called her folksy. This compliment is sort of like when I get a haircut that's not particularly flattering and he assures me that it "looks healthy." Anyway, I agreed with him--my doll was folksy.

Despite needing more hair and stuffing, I set her aside until the deadline for sending in the dolls was a week away. Oh no! I thought, she still needs more work! So earlier this week I put the baby to bed and got out the sewing box again. As I sat down, I realized that an ink spot was on her face...and then her dress...and it kept spreading. "Where is this coming from?!" I thought, panicking. It got to the point that I wondered if I had sewn a leaking pen into her dress that original night.

Enter Grammy (a.k.a. my mom, a.k.a. Susan). She arrived last night after a day's travel from Seattle and, as I went to bed, she went to work:

My doll spent the night in Grammy's Hospital after the first successful doll face transplant and she's doing great! She also received more hair and little dress spiffing up. I got a lot of encouragement and advice to try to make another doll. Aren't mom's/grammy's the best? So I am off to mail our doll from us here at Notions & Threads. Make sure you check out Craft Hope to see all of the beautiful dolls that are on their way to waiting children. There are actually more dolls than are needed, so I'm not sure where my little folksy doll will end up. I just hope she makes someone smile.

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