Saturday, June 6, 2009

More garden projects

About a week ago, I was on an evening walk with my baby, Ari, when I saw a bathroom sink and pedestal next to a neighbor's trash. I've wanted a pedestal sink in our downstairs bath, so I quickly took the baby out of his stroller and loaded the sink and pedestal in (don't ask me how I did this)! I should have looked closer--the sink is cracked and the pedestal is too short.

Since garden projects using found objects are on my mind lately, I quickly decided to add the base to my shade garden that I'm creating in our backyard. I buried the base a few inched and then filled it with broken bricks and rock I have lying around. Then I simply added a Terra cotta pot I already had and then the shade-friendly plants. I also have a lot of limestone in the yard from the previous owners, so I built a little circle around the base. I'm not too worried about the gap between the top and the pot because the Vinca vine will grow and cover that up pretty well.

Here is a wider angle view of the project so far. The shutters are discards from our house that I painted and distressed. There's a dumpster from the church next door right behind them that I'm trying to cover up. Those beautiful birdhouses were made by Kandyce's creative kids two summers ago on our visit back to Colorado!

One more tip for gardening this week:
Friends of mine who live right around the corner form a Habitat for Humanity Re-store told me that a local nursery donates annuals on Tuesdays. Great tip! I got a box of beautiful flowers for my planters for $10. Check out the local thrift stores near you for similar deals and happy planting!

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  1. The "pedestal sink" looks great in the garden!