Monday, November 2, 2009

A New Favorite

For my birthday this year, I indulged myself and bought a hefty box load of craft books.

I love books and love creating so what better gift?

One of the books I purchased is The Alabama Stitch Book.

To be honest, I thought it was different type of book when I ordered it and upon opening it, I was (it hurts to admit this now) disappointed. Well, the other night, for some reason, I picked it up and hopped into the tub to escape the lovely, albeit stir crazy children I had been trapped in the house with for two days (massive snow dumping). To my awesome surprise, it is phenomenal!!! Come and look...

All the projects are hand sewn, with great, basic hand sewing directions, and drum roll please, made from deconstructed t-shirts!!!! Yes t-shirts! I wish I could go page by page with you and show you the lovely detailing: applique, beading, reverse applique! Gorgeous, gorgeous stuff. I can't wait to finish hedgehog #2 so I can start on a project from this book.

UPDATE: Hedgehog #2 finished and also on matsutake!


  1. How fun to get new books to try! I don't have a sewing machine so can't wait to see what kind of hand sewn projects are possible.
    And the hedgehog is really cute by the way! -Erin

  2. After talking to you, I am thinking about getting this book and giving hand sewing all my effort. Why am I so bad at fine motor skills! I need practice patience. Maybe hand sewing can be another cancer treatment:)