Friday, March 26, 2010

Free-for-all-Friday: Quilting

Before I show you what I'm working on, I just wanted to thank everyone who has posted to this blog or sent me an email regarding an essay I have in the current issue of Brain, Child. Your thoughts mean so much to me.
If you have never read this magazine, you can read some essays full text online. You'll find the print magazine 4 times a year at places like Whole Foods, co-ops, and bookstores. Or, you can stay tuned for our giveaway in May--we'll be including a copy with some other goodies!

I can hardly believe that March is almost over. One of my biggest problems around here is the number of unfinished projects I have. We don't have a lot of space, so my projects sometimes get piled up on any open surface. In keeping with our "Spring Cleaning" theme, I bought some inexpensive baskets (see below) to contain the bits and pieces of similar projects. This was my first I need to actually tackle these projects.

With my mom visiting, it was the perfect week to work on the quilt I was inspired to make for my son, Ari thanks to the gorgeous blog, i have to say. There are some wonderful tutorials on this site, but my favorite so far has been the "Quilt Along the Road to Spring" project. Has anyone participated in this weekly quilt-a-long? I am a very beginner sewer/quilter, so the way the project is broken down into weekly steps with very clear directions and pictures appeals to me.

Step One, choosing the fabrics, was so much fun:

I have to admit, I'm not really "quilting along" since I bought the fabrics during week one with good intentions, but then set them aside for over a month. But that's OK! You can start and finish this quilt at your own pace. Since my mom, master of all crafts, is here to back me up, I pulled out the ironing board and got to work. I have now cut out all of my squares and rectangles and I feel so proud of this accomplishment. I am not great with measuring, but there are only two sizes that need to be cut out, so I really got into the rhythm.

Next week, on my own, I will start sewing these pieces into strips. I promise to post the
finished quilt, I just hope Ari isn't a teenager by the time I'm done!


  1. When I first emailed Kandyce asking her to tell me more about you for the wellness tree information page she had told me about what an incredible writer you are and that you would be writing a piece for this magazine. That seemed like so long ago now, I am really excited to read your words Kelly.
    How lovely to have your mama by your side when you begin this quilt! I also look forward to seeing your progress on your quilt, your going to love the process! And teenager or not just think how wonderful it is that Ari will be watching you create this blanket of love just for him! xo

  2. Kelly, I'm not able to link to your email address and I wanted to contact you after reading your article in Brain Child. Your story hit home with me literally. I was also diagnosed last year right around the same time and had to wean my son and totally get what you've experienced. I wanted to send my love to you and your family and let you know you've got a sister out there thinking of you and hoping for you.

  3. Oh, I'm so sorry. Thank you for your post--I just got it. PLease feel free to email me at