Monday, March 22, 2010

Project Monday: Sneak Peaks

Sneak peak #1.

We have been knee deep around here taking the Spring Cleaning theme seriously.

Cabinets have come down, shelving has gone up and organization is becoming contagious. 

I love it!! It has only taken me three years to figure out how to make this kitchen space work for us, but I think I finally got it right. Soon that, um... lovely microwave will be coming down as well as the cabinet it is connected to and a hood will be going up. Things in the kitchen are running so smoothly. It's amazes me how things that seem so minor can be life altering. Spring cleaning rocks!

Sneak peak #2.

The kids and I have also been working hard on a gift just for you, lucky give away winner! I won't show the finished products, but here are just a few pics to entice those of you who have yet  to comment :)

So that is it! Just those two little peeps into what's been going on over here. What's happening with you? Any spring cleaning?  


  1. gretchen from lifenutMarch 22, 2010 at 10:18 AM

    On Saturday, I emptied our coat/shoe/overflow-for-everything-else closet. I sorted and was astonished by what I found. Things I thought were lost. Things I wished were lost.

    I purged, then put the remaining stuff away. Now I find myself opening the doors to peek at all that gorgeous order.

  2. I love that feeling, Gretchen! My sister and I love to "Clean Sweep" each other's closets and then we just stand there loving the results.

  3. I agree completely! I just sent 6 bags of clothes and shoes to our local Arc charity and I love to open the closet doors now. There's room to actually move my clothes back and forth on the rail now.

  4. Kandyce, I looove the circles you created on this fabric!! (I think I know what you are up to hehe)
    Spring cleaning is coming in the form of still moving in, still unboxing things and finding spaces for everything...

  5. The closets have yet to catch the organization bug. I fear that venture, though I know we'll all be better for it.

  6. Thank you! I got the circles idea from Sew Liberated, though I have never seen the book and only images online. I'm quite pleased with how they came out.
    Moving is a adventure all it's own! I always do a lot of purging when I move. It feels good to come into a new home unburdened. Sometimes opening boxes feels like Christmas, especially when I find something that I have the perfect place for in the new space. I hope, for you, that the process is a quick and painless joy!

  7. It is midnight here and I am soooo late for bed. (The kids will no doubt be up at dawn.) But I just read your essay in Brainchild and felt compelled to write and let you know how touched I am by your writing. I, too, aspire to be a model among the 'homebirthing, babywearing, attachment parenting set" and i, too, have moments that I am uncomfortable, at times ashamed, to share. I am, btw, an adoptive mom so breastfeeding hasn't really been an option for me. (Yes, yes, some a-parents do, but the timing of our adoptions really didn't make that doable, nor did the fact that I got a breast redux at age 19 without contemplating how that would potentially impact breastfeeding). So no pregnancies, homebirths or breastfeeding stories (extended or otherwise!) to share or relate to within that set. I know the stares, too. My kids are each different ethnicities and one has special needs that aren't quickly visible (but result in behavior that can elicit stares like using a pacifier at age 5.5, needing to physically hold onto my body in ALL public situations and occasionally having a sensory meltdown in public, etc). People stare, people judge. Whatever. You sound like such a thoughtful, mindful mom striving to do her best. I am saddened to read that you continue to struggle with your health and send you strong, positive, healing energy. I am sorry if it's not appropriate to post this here but didn't know how else to contact you. I am a writer too and know how much it can mean to know your words were meaningful to someone. Yours were. Thank you.

  8. Marlowe,
    It is very kind of you to take your time to share your experiences and feeling with me here. My sister and her husband just adopted from Taiwan and my brother and sister-in-law just adopted domestically. Between their experiences and ours, I am so mindful of how I respond to t other people's parenting in public. No one really has any idea what another family needs. I am glad I've learned that. My son doesn't suck our fingers anymore, but he'll probably sleep with us until he's 20:) You're right, whatever! We're so lucky to have ways to be close through all of my surgeries and treatments. Thank you for sending your good energy as well. I am doing great and thankful for each day. Your message is like getting a big hug, Kelly