Friday, March 19, 2010

Free-for all Friday: Successes and Failures

So, I'll begin with the failures. I didn't get the 5 generations picture :(  I know, I know, no one is more upset than me. My Grandmother (uncooperative generation #2) was sick the entire visit. Nothing horrible, but she looked like heck and barely came out of her room. I will be going back in Sept. and hope to get one then. I'm on a mission!
I also, did not get the birthday crown made. I forgot half the felt at home in the road trip melee. Oh well, I can't do everything!
This is getting depressing, on to successes! I did get some pictures...

 fun in the California sun!

arm wrestling the Auntie (and almost winning!) humbling...

dancing Princesses,

their court jester :)

obnoxious teenage nieces!

note to self: no matter how many times you scream,"wait! let me focus!", the 100 year old won't listen :)

reflective walk alone

California Sunshine

Oh, California!

The long drive to Cali was the best one yet. The baby handled it like a trooper. Seeing family and friends was lovely and a good time was had by all. My sister taught me to crochet (I think it's the 3rd or 4th time, hopefully this time it will stick)!

I gave my GG everyone's birthday wishes. Thank you all, so much :) On the morning of her birthday I walked into her room. The first thing she said when she saw me was, "I made it!"

Now that's success!


  1. Everything you do is a success, in my opinion. I love all of the pictures. It's been so long since I was in California! I so wish I could have been there. Love you.

  2. what a beautiful visit kandyce! it looks like a wonderful time with family. the photo of your gg is incredible, seeing the '100' on her cake!!! that is amazing : ) xo

  3. Great pictures Kandyce. It was so good to see you! Oh, wait. Nope. :) Just giving you a hard time of course. So happy to see GG celebrate 100! Love this blog by the way!

  4. What beautiful pictures. And little tidbits! California looks like a lush and wonderful place to visit. Thanks for sharing.


  5. That 100 was pretty incredible. My sister and I laughed at the question mark. It sat there at the end of the 100 as if we didn't believe her. "100? really?..." I think they couldn't find an exclamation point. LOL!

  6. Thank you :) California is especially beautiful this time of year. The hills are so green and they seem to roll on and on and on. The friends we visited live in my favorite area. It is covered with orange groves and the whole valley smells of orange blossoms in the summer. One of the best parts is that the ocean is only about 30 mins away. Can you tell, I miss it? :)

  7. Why is there this picture of me? with flour smudge on my face and all? Just kidding my Lovely Sister. Very nice entry my dear, CALI SUN? I am still looking for it? NEED HEAT!!!!! I want to sit on a sandy beach and not move for hmmm.... 12 HOURS! You may call me black crispy afterward but i should retain the heat for a bit. Ahhhhhh. LOVing and missing you

  8. Well B.C. (LOL) I chose the flour smudge pic because I thought you'd like it better than the one where you had food stuck in your teeth! Hee, hee, hee!! I'm just kidding...I think that "flour" is just a glare on the camera lens. If not chalk it up to hard work and sweating from the arm wrestling :)

    B.T.W. You, Cali-girl, are spoiled!!! Need Heat, indeed! Come here to our 12 inches of snow! :)