Monday, April 5, 2010

Project Monday: Bird Houses

We're off to a slow start this month. It's just been so sunny outside, it's hard to make myself sit at the computer. We're happy to announce that the winner of our March Giveaway is Tiffany over at Teaworthy. Congratulations, Tiffany! Please check out her site when you get the chance, it's really beautiful!

All of this sunshine just makes us feel, well, hopeful. We're enjoying watching flowers pop up overnight, buds opening on trees, and birds singing in the trees. Our theme this month is simply HOPE, and we'll be working on projects that celebrate Spring and new life.

This morning, after returning from a doctors appointment, I couldn't bring myself to go back inside. I suddenly remembered a wooden birdhouse dear friends in Colorado gave us during the winter months that I stored away in the back of my son's closet. You can find birdhouses like this at any craft store. I grabbed one of my husband's old tee-shirts and a rubber band to make it fit and Ari and I headed for a sunny patch of grass:

I set up non-toxic paint and thought enough to take Ari's socks and shoes off at the last minute:

We had so much fun! It's important to me to sit back and let Ari do his own artwork. It's so tempting to want to add some extra paint here and there or to take away the project before he can glob on more red--right over that gorgeous green he just created. If I sit back, I've noticed that Ari concentrates longer and his project is truly his own.

I have shied away from doing a project like this with Ari because my cancer treatments make me feel less than confident that I'll have enough energy to see it through. The Spring air is energizing me,making me excited about a month of projects and, yes, filling me with hope.


  1. I really do love the fact you let Ari do his own thing; that would be hard for me to do, but I know it's the right thing. He gains self-confidence and he has no road-blocks to creativity! I also love when we Skyped and he couldn't wait to share the experience. MeMe is so proud of you both.

  2. It looks like a lovely day. A perfect place to create a perfect piece of art.

  3. He is so cute creating his bird house. Isn't it great that spring is here. We feel it's energy as well and our project list is ever growing. Here's to many fun and inspired projects ahead.

  4. Look at that gorgeous new banner! I love it!
    I am so happy that the Spring air is energizing you and filling you with excitement for new projects!
    You are a good mama letting Ari make his own artwork in his own way! xo

  5. As a side note...does everyone see how grey my hair is coming in! The light really makes it obvious:) Thank you for all of your sweet comments.

  6. I love the gray hair; my baby is sophistimicated. Great project kel. I am glad to see someone is helping him work on his left brain. I just work the see-ball throw-ball skill set.

  7. I just read your piece in Brain, Child and I loved it. I think the finger sucking is totally normal and adaptive and demonstrates that 1) Ari is resilient and creative and 2) you bonded him to people. No one would bat an eye if it was a pacifier or stuffed bunny instead of your finger. Your finger makes a lot more sense!
    Best to you and yours, wishing you health.

  8. Thanks so much for the mention! I will have to add myself to the Notions & Threads Groupies list as I have been one for a long time. Your hair is fabulous & regal.

  9. 19, 2010 at 3:13 PM

    I love you grey hair and what a wonderful project!
    Ari is a good and cute painter:)

  10. 27, 2010 at 5:25 PM

    Absolutely precious! A beautiful day for a sweet baby and mama to share.
    And I love your new banner - perfect for spring and hope!
    Beth Miller

  11. Blessings of hope and health to you and yours. You will be in my thoughts now that I've "met" you.

    Joy and peace.


  12. Kelly I am thinking about you and sending you love. Please come to my blog and tell me where do you live in the US, what state and area?

    thanks Theresa

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