Monday, April 20, 2009

My husband and I took this photo in a shop in Madrid during our honeymoon three years ago. A friend of ours we were spending the day with asked us what we'd call this shop in English and I immediately thought of the word "notions," although that's not really a word we use very often anymore. I loved this store--all of the colors and textures and the energy of the women busy picking out what they need to finish a project.

I thought of this picture recently when Kandyce, my best friend of over twenty years, and I started talking about wanting to learn how to sew and also wanting to start a blog together. We're both moms committing to making time for creative projects, whether that means making pillows, pinning up a pretty scrap of fabric for inspiration, or spending time on other moms' creative blogs we love for ideas and community. We hope you'll join us in making time to nurture your own creative spirit.


  1. Love the idea for your blog! Can't wait to be inspired.

  2. I am so inspired that I am crafting already! I made three spice pillows today, but now I am out of cloves, so maybe more tomorrow.

  3. Matt's comment is the funniest thing I've ever read!!!!