Sunday, April 26, 2009

Summer's Here!

I love this picture of my 10 month old, Ari enjoying the first really warm day of the season. My husband, Matt and I spent the day at the Red River Gorge here in Kentucky and ended up at Miguel's, a local pizza joint and very well-known camping spot for rock climbers. Since Ari spent the day in his car seat and then on daddy's back in his pack, we decided to let him roll around on a blanket. You can see how that went--no interest in the blanket, just wanted to play in the grass and dirt. I love his chubby little dirty knees!

Our day outside made me think about this summer and how much I want to get Ari out of our little house. Since he can't walk quite yet, and everything goes in his mouth, I'm thinking maybe a water table would be good for him. He loves to hold on and stand up and he loves to splash in the water. The only problem is that water tables are expensive. So, after a quick search, I found an inventive mom and dad who built a water table themselves. I love that I can customize the table to fit my little guy instead of buying one that he wouldn't be able to reach. You'll also love the cost--$14! You can find the how-to along with helpful pictures at the blog Tales of an Ordinary Housewife (which I already love).

I'm going to try this out. If anyone else makes it, be sure to let us know!


  1. Put that boy in the garden...he's a natural! Grams

  2. I'll have to check the dimensions of my table. Sorry, I keep meaning to go out there in the backyard and check, but it's been freezing! The kids still love the water table. It is the best toy. We usually fill it up with bubbles.