Monday, August 17, 2009


I live in a house full of artist. It is a dream come true that my children love to create as much, if not more, than I do. My eldest son asked me if he would be as good an artist as I am when he is my age. How sweet! I had to tell him that he already blows me out of the water.

This next one is by my second son, who could walk/run at 8 months, but whose fine motor skills took their time in developing.
I think they've more than caught up.

A few weeks ago, I thought I'd try out an idea I saw in The Creative Family by SouleMama Amanda Blake Soule. She transfers her children's drawings onto fabric and has the child embroider on the lines. She then makes a pillow out of it. Like so...
Such a fun and successful project! Not to mention providing hours of work for busy little hands. These pictures are very simple. Now that we know what we are doing, I think we will try slightly more complicated pictures the next time. I really love these pillows and am pretty sure they are going on our "Christmas gifts for others" list. Which btw, is around the corner! This handmade pledge is adding a new dimension of stress to the holidays. But I am excited and up for the challenge. At least today.


  1. Oh boys...your drawings are so beautiful and make me miss you all so much! I would love to come over for some art time. I LOVE the pillows. You all can give Ari art lessons next summer when we come to visit.

  2. Hey there Nelsons! Very nice work on the drawing and the pillows. I should come along for the art lessons since my free hand drawing is on par with a four year old. Actually, my non-free hand drawing is pretty bad, too. On that note, my coloring is just plain bad. . . ooooh those darn lines!

    All jokes aside. I love the artwork. . . .

  3. The bird drawings are amazing! Your kids are so talented and creative.....just like mom!

  4. How lovely that your children are expressing themselves in such a beautiful creative way!
    I love the way the pillows came out!