Thursday, August 27, 2009


So here she is, my #1 child, my first born, my girl; KT. KT is a beautiful, 13 year old, young lady who has more talents than any one person should. She is so creative and is always working on a project. I must say she has been a little jealous since I did the post on her brothers. But, in my defense, I did ask her to submit something for me to write about and she found nothing worthy. That was until I woke up* the other morning to this...

Isn't it beautiful? I want one! But more than loving the necklace, I love that she has an idea and just whips it out. Here it is with the matching earrings...

KT has been designing and making jewelry since she was 8. I have always been impressed by her creations.

This is the first necklace she made 5 years ago.

See what I mean. Pretty sophisticated for an 8 year old. Not the usual gaudy, color combinations. Do I sound like a proud Mama? I am. My girl and I are great friends and I love who she is. I especially love her fast emerging sense of style and taste. Though I can't say we always agree (she told me last night, to my horror, she doesn't like Joni Mitchell!!!!), I have great respect of her opinion, (except that last one... she'll grow out of it).

Sometimes I look at her and wonder where these gifts will take her. Her talents are endless and she has such strength. I guess I'll just have to wait and see. Until then I'm just enjoying the ride. Such an adventure, this parenting gig.

*When I say I "woke up to it", I mean it in the most literal sense, i.e. it dangling two inches from my closed, sleeping eyes.


  1. Beautiful necklace and earrings. I love the colors and pattern she came up with. And what a cute way that she surprised you with what she had made!

  2. I keep typing a comment and then erasing it because I don't want to embarrass KT with my emotional musings on how she's grown up to be such a wonderful young woman. Let me just say I love this necklace and earring set and I'm proud to be the owner of a KT original myself, picked up on our visit 2 summers ago. Hint: I'll be there next summer and plan on loving blue.