Thursday, August 27, 2009

Crazy for Blackboards

What to do with a long, boring wall? Paint it with chalkboard paint! I've been wanting to do this for awhile for a few reasons:

1. The bottom of this wall gets very dinged up and dingy
from kicked off shoes since it's right by our back door.

2. I wanted to give our 14-month old something to do in
our kitchen, especially while I do laundry, which is
right around the corner from this wall.

3. My husband and I are trying to stick to a weekly
grocery budget and that means writing down what

4. The size of this wall just called out to be a blackboard!

The wall was very easy to paint--no primer needed. We just added the trim and corner pieces with liquid nail to give it that framed look. You can even buy tintable chalkboard paint if you want, say, a green or even purple board. So fun!

I'm a little crazy for chalkboards now (and I have some paint left). Check out more project ideas, including how to dress up an ordinary eraser for your new blackboard at Country Living (click on the picture for a direct link):


  1. If I could just get over the "chalky" feel of "chalk", the smell of chalk and all the white dust from erasing, I'm sure I would like it as much as kids in our neighborhood do. They are constantly drawing pictures on the blacktop of their driveway and playing hopscotch. So how lucky that you have your very own HUGE blackboard and so environmentally friendly too that a kid can draw all day on the board without wasting paper. I love the word of the day posted on yours and it is quite attractive to look at even if I don't like writing with chalk myself. Good job!

  2. Don't worry, sis--you can also buy paint that makes a dry erase board and I'm sure you can get kid-friendly markers that don't smell like toxic fumes. I'll have to look into that. I hear ya on the chalk feel:)