Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Toddler Art

Sorry we haven't had any crafty posts lately. I'm preparing to go back to teaching writing at our local University this week and have been swamped. At least one of us has found time for crafts around here. I am trying to have "art time" every day with our 14-month old. This day, I was brave and gave him paint and just steped back. You can see how much fun he had:

I've also given him watercolors, stickers, and little, round stampers he can hold in his hand.

Sometimes art doesn't go so smoothly. Here, Ari DID NOT want to paint on the scrap of cardboard I gave him.

So he got rid of the cardboard and Ari was perfectly happy painting his highchair. Everything is washable, right?!

My mom made this cute little "art book" using a pop tart box, double-sided tape and heavy card stock. She bound it herself, but you can also recycle your packaged food containers and then have the notebook bound at a copy store. Ari can't wait to fill it with all kinds of doodles.


  1. I love seeing the photos of Ari doing art. His Great-grandmother Helen would have been so tickled to see him follow in her footsteps. I can't wait until he comes for a visit and we can really get into all my supplies!

  2. Megan at Simple KidsAugust 27, 2009 at 8:18 PM

    CUTE! Toddler art is some of my very favorite art. It is pure self-expression, isn't it? I love the re-purposed pop tart box. NEVER would have thought of that.

    Happy back to school to you, mama!

  3. Thanks Megan! I can't get enough of Ari's sticker art--he piles one on top of the other. He made a card for his Grammy that's a little disturbing. It looks like there was a serious horse accident:)