Tuesday, December 8, 2009

advent no.1

In the darkness of the early, early, early (like 3AM early!) morning, I am waken to, "Mom, is it morning yet?" Well technically, Yes, but... "No, son. Go to bed." I know it is a futile request. I hope Christmas doesn't go this way, as well, but odds are not in my favor :)
In spite of starting way to early, St. Nicholas Day, Dec. 6th is a lovely celebration during the Advent season for my family. So lovely, I didn't even think about taking pictures :( Shoes were placed in front of the fireplace with the anticipation of being filled with good things. This year St. Nicholas brought gingerbread cookies, chocolate coins, warm fuzzy pajamas and snow.

Advent thus far...

purple and pink paper maiche ornaments to hang on our tree
(made before the snow arrived)

garlands adorned with purple ribbon

Mary and Joseph moving closer to Christmas
(sorry about the quality, it is right over a window :)

Advent lanterns hanging on our branch
(please ignore the compressor in the corner, house construction underway)

We have had so much fun this Advent, more than any other year I can remember. This handmade Christmas thing is great. I love it. Though I must confess, a few purchased presents did sneak their way onto the list. In my defense, I didn't have the time or know-how to make a Waldorf doll. That's an acceptable purchase, isn't it?

I thought so, too :)


  1. I love the advent pinks and purples amidst all this grey weather. I also love how the branches you hung serve to mark new seasons and holidays--such a great idea! I'm also having a good time making little gifts instead of buying. I have bought a few things online, but I don't miss the big shopping scene. I can't risk going into big crowds like that (who can these days, really?) and it's really made me be creative with what I can find in my own home.

    Yesterday, a neighbor came to my door with a bag of multigrain rolls from our Co-op and 2 oranges. She just said, "I hope you don't mind if I drop by little things to help you get well sometimes." People all over the country have been so generous to us. We literally get a care package a week from dear friends from graduate school in Colorado. There was just something about the simplicity and generosity of these 2 oranges, though. When I shut the door, I just cried. I think our children will remember the simple, homemade gifts far longer than the ones we buy.

  2. Kandyce are you a Waldorf homeschooler too?! I love the creativity in your celebrations! I have never seen lanterns for advent what a beautiful idea! I love your idea for Mary and Joseph moving along towards Christmas as well! We have an advent spiral and we have been finding so much joy in lighting the candles at night and singing together, the kids ask me to do it all day it is amazing because it is something so simple yet has such meaning and a reverence around it. And by the way I am the *last* person to ask if buying a Waldorf doll is an acceptable purchase!!! I have become quite addicted to purchasing Waldorf dolls we have another to join our doll family this Christmas : ) And I can't leave without also saying hello to Kelly, I love that you both share this blog. Kelly your words are always written so eloquently and thoughtfully.

  3. Kell,

    The branch is turning out to be wonderful for so many reasons. Now just to get lighting on it somehow! I feel like my creativity is flourishing right now. We both have always had so many ideas. You have always been better at actually doing them. I feel like my life is finally at a place where I can make some of my ideas actually materialize. I do think it is because of being mindful of what I am doing with my time and money (or lack thereof :) ). I agree that my children will remember these gifts far longer than anything I have ever purchased (save, maybe, the Waldorf doll!) I was thinking about that just the other day after I made each child a winter hat and scarf (they were out of fleece- super easy. I'm going to blog about it soon).


    I am an "eclectic" homeschooler :) I'm kind of Waldorf, Montessori, Thomas Jefferson education, Charlotte Mason- esque! I love so many things from each theory and I have found, especially with my older children, that certain techniques work better with certain kids. Thank you on the advent Calendar. It is my favorite craft yet. The advent lanterns were born from frustration and necessity. I am always scrambling at the last minute to find advent candles. It finally dawned on me this year, that if we made the lanterns it didn't matter what color the candle was. I do miss the wreath and the symbolism of it. I am working on making a wreath that will hang from the ceiling that the lanterns will hang from. If it happens before Christmas I'll post about that, too :) I love the spirals. They are so beautiful. As for your Waldorf Doll addiction, I think it is completely acceptable :) The two I purchased this year arrived this week and they are adorable!!! I bought a boy for my 4 (soon to be 5) year old and a girl for Lulu. I want one! I didn't order theirs from Bamboletta, but I've decided when I get my own, that is where she will come from. Gosh, those little faces!! Maybe I can transfer my infant addiction to Waldorf Dolls?

  4. I know I went to the same Catholic school as you but I
    never knew about gifts for St Nicholas Day
    I love all the traditions you are celebrating
    together and the Mary and Joseph are so
    cute as are the other decorations for
    What is a Waldorf doll??

  5. Thanks Erin,

    Many of the traditions I now celebrate with my kids have come from research, not La Reina. I wish we had celebrated more in these ways :)

    Waldorf Dolls are handmade dolls. They are made using all natural materials and have a very unique look. Here is a link that has a few examples and more info on them: