Sunday, December 20, 2009

Baby blocks

Life has been so busy lately, I forgot to mention that Ari has a new baby cousin. We welcomed our nephew, Tesher (which we learned means "Gift" in Hebrew) about 2 weeks ago now. My husband, Matt, and I are really giving small, simple gifts this year since I am out of work, so I decided to sew Tesher some fabric blocks. I found a fun twist on the basic pattern in a wonderful little book, Sweetly Stitched for Kids. The patterns are simple and easy to follow, but also creative. I like the "turtle tee," a really simple pattern for adding an applique and the sleeping mat that's more complicated, but very dreamy.

The general twist on these blocks is that you back your fabric squares with batting and then use pinking shears to finish the edges. Here's maybe a better view:

I love these retro-ish fabrics I splurged on from my new favorite local quilt store. To wrap the blocks, I just safety pinned them together and tied a little a little "Handmade by Kelly/Spot wash only" note to them. I hope he enjoys them!


  1. I love these! So adorable.

  2. beautiful job, they came out so very sweet and i love the fabrics!
    i will have to check out that book! : )

  3. they turned out great!!! I need to check out that book, also.

  4. I love these blocks and the fabric you chose. I bet another lucky little cousin of Ari's, who is joining the family next month, will be getting a set!

  5. Please make some for Maddie too! I love them.