Saturday, December 26, 2009

The stockings were hung...

The night before Christmas Eve, I realized Ari didn't have a stocking! Mine is the Leopard print boot above (made by my mom) next to Matt's blue felt stocking. I quickly ran to a craft store to find a similar, simple felt stocking, but I felt sad as soon as I looked at the selection. My mom always handmade special holiday decorations like our stockings and I want to do the same for Ari. Living with cancer makes me even more driven to make holidays memorable for my family.
So, I headed to one of my favorite vintage/consignment stores in town and picked up some very inexpensive scraps of red fabric and the some green material that makes me think of the '50s and the Jetsons all at the same time. Ari loved his new stocking and I loved making it for him.

On a health note, the chemo has made me lose quite a bit of weight but, I'm happy to report, chemo is no match for Christmas cookies! I have gained a pound just in the last week alone. I can't give all of the credit to butter, my scan last week showed that my tumors have been reduced significantly. My husbands sums up the visuals like this: in September, we saw about 80% tumors and 20% healthy liver. This week, we saw about 70% healthy and 20% tumors. All of that healthy liver is giving me more and more energy and we're really enjoying life around here. I hope you all are too.


  1. Ari is a lucky little boy to have such a creative mom. You should have added you did this without a pattern...I'm impressed! And, even though I hate what the chemo has done to your hair and skin, I'm am ever so thankful that it's "kicking the hell out of the cancer!!"

  2. It is always beautiful to read of your closeness to your own mama and how the handmade that she has made for you has inspired your creativity for Ari. His stocking came out so sweet, your sewing skills are wonderful! Your focus is always inspiring to me Kelly, thank you for sharing yourself in this space. I am thrilled to know that your body is feeling energized, and that your health is being restored! Many warm Christmas wishes to you and your family xo

  3. Kelly, you are amazing!