Friday, January 22, 2010

Free-for-all Friday: The Offspring

I have nothing to show for Free-for-all Friday.
It's been a crazy week:

a birthday

a sick, grumpy baby

and meals, always meals

But some of my children have been quite productive. And, you may have noticed, I love sharing the awesome creativity of my children. Did you know I have the most creative children in the world? I think it could be scientifically proven :)

Lulu, the 3 year old, did this project inspired by this...

and by her big brother, Gabe (11) who was working on

He must have been in a cheetah phase because then came...


Then taking a break from the 2 dimensional, he moved on to...

It's the beginnings of a squirrel. It is, clearly, a W.I.P. so I'll post more when it is done.
But, because carving takes time and needing some instant gratification,
he took a broken one of these

and made...

and so you can better see the hanger piece in there

That is a piece of a hanger, cardboard, wire, paper and
some little metal piece he found at the park.


He blows me away with what he sees in things.
I love it!

Yesterday, I found...

I think we are moving into a Rhino phase :)

 Josh (10) made this paper collage.

One is a Northern Cardinal the other a Red headed Cardinal
(we had those in Hawaii).
I especially love the detail of the feet of the flying Cardinal.

Miss 13, armed with her new camera, has been taking photos.

Isn't she beautiful?

She's got an amazing eye, especially for shadows. I think this camera may have been the best gift ever. And thank God for digital, for these are just a few of the 685 pictures in her folder!

So, though I have been a crafting slacker, my children have picked up my slack and run.

Just the way it should be :)


  1. My daugthers the same as your son. I always find sketches stuffed under her pillow, under the couch...everywhere. And she loves making things out of trash and broken household items. It is pretty amazing. It just comes and comes. I love your daughter's shadow pic of the other little. Hope the grumpy baby feels better soon.


  2. Your sons drawings are incredible and the airplane leaves me speechless!!!
    Your daughter certainly does have quite an eye for photography and I love that she has an eye for noticing shadows. You can have the best camera in the world but it is most definitely all in the creative eye that determines the photos. Good for her, tell her to keep at it practice makes an even keener eye! Your sweet little one in red and your little babe I just want to hug, they are really too cute : ) I like this take on creativity Kandyce, children certainly do have the corner market on that. That is for certain!!

  3. I always love seeing what the kids are up to--and always amazed. Kisses to everyone.

  4. Isn't it fun? I really feel like having them at home allows their creativity to blossom. Grumpy baby already less grumpy, thank you :)

  5. So true. They are so inspiring. Sometimes I wish we could just make stuff all day. Shhh, sometimes we do :)