Monday, January 25, 2010

Project Monday: Picture frame and quilt

Monday's project is done:

This project has taken me a few weeks to finish. Before I tell you what I did, let me explain what this odd little framed quilt with buttons is for. Over the holidays, Garden Mama created the beautiful blog, the Wellness Tree Project that inspired many of you to make handmade ornaments to send to me and my family. These ornaments (over 50!) lifted our spirits and really made me feel how many women are out there praying and hoping the best for me and my family. I was so touched by these little creations, that I just couldn't put them away after the holidays. My husband and I agreed that we would find ways to display all of them--they really are works of art.

The first idea I had was to use simple vine wreaths that could really be for any season. Ornaments now hang permanently on the glass doors that open between our family room and dining room. Here is the bird wreath:

And the outdoors, little critters wreath:

Our son loves for us to hold him up to see each ornament. He especially loves the owls (he was an owl for Halloween if you remember) and ringing the bell dangling from that wonderful blue bird at the top of the first wreath. I am planning on making some kind of children's wreath or some other display for the ornaments made by children or that are especially child-like (a sweet, tiny little sweater, for example). There are so many more ornaments!

The idea for today's project came to me when I was thinking about how I could rotate different ornaments and other wonderful things above my desk. On a framed quilt with buttons, of course:
The project was simple: find an inexpensive frame and paint it until you like it. I like to prop up anything I'm painting on cans. I started with a grayish color, then decided to try a product that promised a crackle finish. It was a strange texture--kind of like plaster. I put on vinyl gloves and just smeared it on. It did crackle, while also looking a little like stucco. I really wanted to try liquid silver leaf, so I painted that on next with the sea sponge (the silver leaf was the original main idea that came from our theme). When that dried, it was a little too shiny, so on went the gloves and more plaster paint. The second coat didn't crackle as much, but I liked the old, peeling-paint look.

I made the quilt top using Moda Turnovers (which reminds me, check out fresh squeezed fabrics on Etsy for really wonderful fabrics!). I am a beginner, so I just "stitch in the ditch" and sometimes it's more like stitching up onto the curb. When I was done, I rummaged through my jar of vintage buttons and added eight across the quilt. Now I have the perfect place to hang my new handmade treasures from.


  1. I love your quilt idea! It is beautiful by itself, but the ornaments really add to it. You are fast becoming a quilter :) The wreaths are precious, too. Wonderful ideas!

  2. This is such a GREAT idea. So cool! I'm so glad that the ornaments will stay up as a reminder that all of us still are thinking and praying, A LOT, for you and your family!!


  3. Oh, Kelly! I absolutely adore your creativity! The wreaths are incredible and your quilt is amazing!
    I am a bit speechless and so thrilled our love and positive wishes are surrounding you and your family! xoxo

  4. Thanks Gayle. When I get better at this whole quilting thing, you're getting a prezzie

  5. I'm so glad you like it! I think of you daily as I look around my house:)

  6. I love the constant reminders too:)

  7. Kelly,
    It is so wonderful that you are transmuting what has happened into something positive...that maintains connections with others who love and care about you. That is really wonderful medicine! I hope you continue to do well!
    Love and blessings~

  8. Nicole (Frontier Dreams)January 28, 2010 at 9:32 AM

    Oiis makes me so happy!!!!! I love the quilt and I am enjoying seeing how you are displaying the ornaments <3 <3

  9. Yes, the best medicine, Elizabeth:)

  10. Thanks Nicole--I felt so happy doing this project:)

  11. Dear Kelly,

    Nice to see that the ornaments found their place in your home!
    Love it:)

    Happy weekend xo

  12. 30, 2010 at 3:19 AM

    The Guest.......Patricia
    It's not easy to leave a comment on this blog.

  13. Kelly...this is ingenious! You're becoming quite the little quilter. This is a project even I would do...someday.

  14. I wonder why it's hard for some? We need to figure this out!

  15. I can't believe what a great idea this is to
    hang special ornaments on such a lovely quilt
    and much nicer than leaving holiday lights
    up on the house year-round!!!