Monday, January 18, 2010

Project Monday: New Leaf Installment 2

A New Leaf.

The possibilities were endless. So many things came to mind. But none felt right. Then I met a woman who called herself an artist. When I answered back, "me too", I suddenly felt like a liar. Am I an artist? I was one. What kind of "art" do I do? I'm not working with clay. I'm not painting. I haven't altered anything in forever. Nearly everything I have made this past year has had a purpose.

I have changed.

I took up sewing, felt work, toy making. I took the handmade pledge and have tried to live it. I have learned how to be creative and to have lovely, usable, functioning items in the end, which, honestly, is much more realistic for the season of life I am living. I have enjoyed every minute of this new way of thinking and being and, really, nothing is changing. But, it wasn't until I remembered the artist within, that I finally figured out how "A New Leaf" was going to materialize. So, at least, for this months project, you have the artist's take.

This is a leaf.
(I took the literal road.)

First, the how. I made the leaf out of sticks, craft paper, tissue paper and paint. It hangs from a string of twine in a cardboard Nectarine box. One side is meant to look old. The other new. In front of the old side dangles a tag that reads, "turn me over". The box was first painted black and then ModPodged with paper bags torn into random, irregular shapes.
The stick on top of the box anchors the leaf.

Now, the why. I simply liked the challenge of making a leaf. I am very pleased with the outcome. I especially like the old side. The new side, as you can see from the pics above, (please ignore the hideous linoleum floor, it's days are numbered) went through a couple different looks. When it was green, it didn't seem "new" enough (though amazingly real). It looked too natural. I like the gold.

Going deeper. I want to be this leaf. I want this year to be a turn around year. There are so many personal changes I want to make. I'm hoping this leaf will serve as a reminder.

In writing this post, I have realized that though I have changed, it is not in the, "Oh my gosh I've lost myself" way I initially thought. The artist isn't gone. She's just... broader, more versatile, more mature. I am so pleased and so happy, so amazed. This gives me hope for the ways I'd like to grow in the year to come :)

Here's to 2010!

Turn me over.
I'm ready!


  1. beautiful...and so are you.

  2. Wow, this is just amazing. Just to have taken the idea of turning over a new leaf, and put it into art this, it just blows my mind. Thank you for sharing

  3. I love this, Kan. I've always thought and described you as an artist. You are so creative in everything you do from ceramics, to painting, to how you homeschool your children.
    (I'm a little jealous that your post is the first one Gayle responded to:)

  4. I have to agree - an artist is someone who takes what she has and makes the world around her more beautiful... I think about our foremothers, hand sewing their quilts and adding embroidery details to little things in their homes just to add some beauty to it... they are the ones who really created all these art forms, sewing, quilting, knitting, creating, decorating the home. I would definitely classify you as an artist!

  5. I really enjoyed reading your sentiments on this post Kandyce. You put so much of yourself into this artwork and to me that tells me that you are an artist. It is so personal to you and this journey that you are on. I look forward to your and Kelly's 'turning a new leaf' project. It is inspiring and this project turned out incredible!

  6. The more I think about/look at this project, the more I love how it is an alternative to "new year's resolutions." I love that this is YOUR new leaf, but it would also be a fun family project to write our thoughts and feeling facing a new year and use the words as the background. I also love your idea of a mobile.

  7. thank you my dear. the feeling is mutual :)

  8. Thank you, Heather!

  9. Thanks Kel :) and don't be jealous that Gayle likes me better ;)

  10. That is so true Mellie. And I so clearly see that in the many vintage hand made items that I own. It wasn't coming through so clearly in what I was producing :) But, that is ok and I know I'll get better. Thank you!

  11. I love the family project idea. We may have to do this this weekend.