Friday, February 5, 2010

Free-for-All Friday: Curtains!

So, I have this window in my kitchen that looks out at my yard. That was one of the prerequisites when we were looking for a home; a house with a window over the kitchen sink, looking out at the yard (I like the outdoors). But what I didn't think about was what or who would be beyond my fence.
When we lived in Hawaii, the houses were so close that when my neighbors phone would ring, I thought it was mine. When we moved here, the houses seemed so far away from each other, comparatively, I didn't even notice the house glaring down on us. It didn't take long. I have lived here for nearly three years now, either peering out of the window through a set of mini blinds or when I couldn't stand the blinds any longer, feeling like I lived in a fishbowl. So, yesterday I made these...
These curtains are made from two pillowcases. I cut off the seams, tore strips at the top and tied them to  a stick that my son found when we went to chop down our Christmas Tree last year.
I love it! I want to make some for the front of the house. I want to make shower curtains, I want to make room dividers! Just kidding about the room dividers, but I do want more. 

Before I go, I wanted to share one more thing. Yesterday was my hubbies 40th Birthday! 
We celebrated by transforming our home into a Japanese restaurant. We hung paper lanterns, ate on the floor
and (my favorite), we made Japanese noren curtains.
I have to say that the bleach pen is one of my favorite fabric altering tools. I love the effect it created on this fabric.
Fun, fun, fun!
I think we will keep them up for a while :)


  1. You should keep them up! How festive--I can't wait to hear more.

  2. I love your curtains and that you hung them on a branch, you have me thinking now!
    Your husbands birthday looks like so much fun Kandyce, the Japanese curtains are beautiful!

  3. It was very festive! After our awesome meal of cold soba noodles, make your own sushi and flourless chocolate cake, we watched an old kung fu movie. Super fun night :)

  4. Thank you, Nicole! I am so happy with them. I love the branch, too. In fact, I wanted to go the mountains this weekend to get some longer branches for different windows, but it started snowing :(

  5. I love the idea of recreating a Japanese theme for dinner...table for two please!