Friday, February 26, 2010

Free-for all Friday: Why I love Goodwill!

I love Goodwill. It has been appropriately named because it has been very good to me :) Here are just a few of my awesome finds:
Dansko clogs for 4.99(!!!),
Noah's ark wooden toy chest,
a nearly complete set of The Family Creative Workshop,
this solid wood, ginormous,  handmade (I like to believe) cradle,

this gorgeous, handmade plate,

This is what the first box has become...
It is so gratifying to make something out of nothing. I felt this the most when throwing pottery. Taking a handful of mud and making something beautiful and useful is incredible. But it is the same with altering. That box was, um.... not the prettiest and with just mod podge and paper it becomes a treasure. Kind of like Goodwill, too. Taking someone else's throwaway, bringing it home and it feeling like Christmas. Creative energy, in all it's forms, is so life giving.


  1. Kandie--why can't I live next to you! I am so not a good thrift shopper, but then I'm always jealous of what others find. My friends David and Michelle find the best stuff. I also love what you did with the box. I love how you describe transforming a find. It is so satisfying to give something a new. beautiful life. Love you.

  2. I'm feeling a little guilty because I just took a cradle to Good Will this week. We're in the process of putting the house up for sale and since Kelly gave her okay, the cradle has gone. It was handmade by a 2nd cousin who thought a crib would be too big for Kelly; she weighed 3 pounds 13 ounces at birth. However, the cradle took up just as much room and the only thing it was used for was Kelly's stuffed animals. Which, by the way, she had a ton! I hope it goes to a great family like yours and is well appreciated.

  3. I remember that cradle. It is beautiful and, I know, it will be appreciated. I think things that are made with love and have been well loved have a quality that you can see and feel. Someone will see that and love it as much as you all have :)

  4. I told you the house down the street is available!!! The owner is a gardener. Her garden is gorgeous and she has fruits and veggies, too. You would love it!!! Come Now!!!!

  5. gretchen from lifenutMarch 1, 2010 at 4:19 PM

    Kandyce, I know we live in the same area, so I am dying to know which Goodwill you frequent. I have "my" Goodwill where I ALWAYS find amazing things without fail. I'm curious if they are the same (hint: in the city where iffy beer is brewed...)

  6. I loved this post Kandyce, I also enjoy thrifting and appreciate your sentiments here!
    Your finds are lovely, what a great mug collection! And the photo of your little one in the cradle is gorgeous : )
    I love, love what you made for your friend!! You are so creative and talented xo

  7. "guest" was me ; ) Nicole

  8. Unfortunately, I don't think I've lived here long enough for your hint to help me, though it did make me laugh :) I go to the Goodwill in Littleton, on Broadway and County Line. Is iffy beer brewed in Littleton? Where is iffy beer brewed? I need to know! I feel out of the loop ;)

  9. Thank you "guest" :) on all accounts! I should take a picture of my full mug collection, but it may be too embarrassing. I really can't pass up a hand made mug. I think it's an illness ;)

  10. gretchen from lifenutMarch 2, 2010 at 4:37 PM

    It's made from pure Rocky Mountain spring water. It was featured in a Smoky and the Bandit movie. That should tell you everything right there. Burt Reynolds speaks volumes.

    Since you were kind enough to give details, I will spill the beans: Golden. Home of Coors. They do a nice factory tour, though. The Goodwill seems to attract donors from those massive mountain mansions.

  11. Thank you for putting me out of my misery. I hate to be left out :) Alright, Golden Goodwill, here I come! Just after the next payday.