Friday, October 30, 2009

GreenCraft Magazine

So, there is a new mag on the rack called GreenCraft. I love it! It is chocked full of super ideas on how to upcycle and recycle all kinds of things. My favorite idea is using plastic grocery bags for plastic fusing. I had never heard of such a thing until this article, but basically, you use your iron to fuse together several sheets of plastic bag and then use it like fabric to make all sorts of neat things. Here is an article explaining it in detail and here another. So very green!

Though I have yet to be brave enough to try plastic fusing, the kids and I did try another idea from the magazine
This is an article by Charlotte Lyon all about recycling toilet paper rolls. This I can do. There were many incredible suggestions along with beautiful pictures on what to do with the left overs from tp, but the one that I have imminent need for is the napkin ring. I have never had napkin rings and these were right up my alley.

Aren't they pretty? Sort of vintage-y, sort of altered-y (like my made up words?)
The kids and I have been collecting said rolls for a few weeks now. It doesn't take long in a home of 10 for them to start to pile up. Here are a few pics of what we made.

First the kids...

Now mine...

So much fun! I even got to use some of my vintage fabric from Stephinie. I have two more to make, but I've been sidetracked by hedgehogs. There is no hurry though. I am happy with the way they turned out. I think they will look lovely on our Thanksgiving tables.

p.s. Rosetta is featured on matsutake today!!!


  1. These are perfect for the Thanksgiving table. I really love all of the embellishments. How do you think you'll store them so they won't get crushed? They're just so pretty!

  2. I will have to look for that magazine. These napkin rings are beautiful and look like you had a lot of fun doing them.

  3. I haven't thought that far yet. Maybe in a shoe box where they can all stand up.

  4. Thank you, I'm really happy with how they came out and it was fun. The magazine is pricey, but totally worth it, imho. A great reference to have on the shelf.

  5. I keep thinking about these and how beautiful they are. What if you made bees wax taper candles and used the whole T.P. roll to wrap them in for gifts. Wouldn't that be cute? (Notice I say "You." I'm clearly volunteering you as the craft tester:)

  6. That is an awesome idea!! Maybe we should write the next issue of Greencraft!