Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Shoulder Cozy

I'm so glad Kandyce shared the wonderful gifts she and her family made for me. It was such an amazing, uplifting, and touching care package to get. And yes, I cried at each and every handmade gift in the box because Kandyce pinned little sweet notes notes to everything. One gift she didn't have a chance to take a picture of is this warm and adorable shoulder cozy:

Here's the angle from the back:

I'm going to let Kandie explain how she made this cozy herself. I love it. It keeps me warm without making me feel overheated or trapped under too many layers--it's pretty much become part of my chemotherapy day uniform. I get lots of compliments on the cozy and I think it's helping my healing. I like to feel Kandyce close by while I envision my tumors in my liver shrinking and the healthy liver regenerating.

I am feeling great these days and don't have any liver pain at all. My labs show that elevated liver function numbers have gone down after only two doses of chemo and my liver has shrunk--it was very enlarged from extensive tumor growth. We feel the love, support, and prayers of all of our friends and family--and even strangers I should add--are helping tremendously and we feel happy and lucky every day to live this wonderful life we have.

I am on a break from chemo right now to get my blood counts up (they look good and I should be back on track with my full doses by Halloween morning). During normal chemo weeks, I have very little energy and I take advantage of any moment I feel good to play or even just sit with my growing little boy while he has a snack, so I may not post as regularly as I would like to. Kandyce is becoming an amazing crafter/sewer and she's holding down the fort for both of us. I plan on sharing updates and other handmade gifts I have received that have really touched my heart as often as I can.

Here's to old friends and healing handmade gifts from the heart!
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  1. I just recently heard from Kel
    that Kandyce had still been posting
    and just got all caught up on the amazing
    crafting ability the whole family has!
    First of all Kandyce, I cried reading your
    very touching post on Oct 16th and I
    was lucky to see all the beautiful gifts
    you and the kids made in person. Hopefully
    a pic of the cancer eating dragon can be posted
    as well. Kelly and all if us are so lucky to
    have such amazing friends like you.
    Also I loved the kitchen you made in the last post--
    I want one for Maddie!!

  2. Thanks Erin! The kids and I loved making those things for Kell. It was good to be somewhat proactive and it is always a joy to make things for people you love. The kitchen was a ton of fun as well.

    Kell, you look lovely in that cozy. I love the color. It seemed calming and joyful at the same time. I'm glad you feel me close to you, because I am in spirit. I love you!