Wednesday, October 21, 2009

More things Vintage...

My Vintage partner received her package, so it is safe to post on what I sent.

Two of these things I inherited and two I purchased. I bought the tin and the pattern at a thrift store. Isn't that the best feeling? So serendipitous, to find the perfect thing in a store like that. Really. When you think about all the things that had to happen to get you and the item at the store at the same's pretty wonderful.

My Great Uncle was an upholsterer in WWII. Those spools are from a large collection of thread he had accumulated. Though to him it wasn't a collection, but his sewing kit. He just passed away last year. He was very cute.

The handkerchief was given to me, along with about 30 others, by my husbands Grandmother. Many she embroidered herself. KT and I often pull them out and just admire them. One day I may get up the courage to make something with them. Perhaps when my sewing skills are up to par. Maybe not.

Both the spoons and the hankies are treasures that I am so glad to share with Stephinie. This Swap was a great experience. I think I'm addicted because I just signed up for a button swap that Stephinie directed me to. More goodies to come.

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