Sunday, July 5, 2009

Baby On The Way!

I was all set to tell you about another gardening project involving re-purposed materials (more on that next week) when the other half of this blog called to tell me her water broke! Kandyce is in labor with baby Solomon Glenn and her seven other helpers are packing her essentials as we speak. I'm a little worried about what will actually make it with her to her birth. When my husband and I visited the Nelson family two summers ago, we found all kinds of little treasures hidden in our suitcases when we got home. I never did give Ben his old watch back, come to think of it.

It is very difficult to be so far away when my best friend is about to give birth, and I hate to say this is the norm. I've only made it to one of her children's births, her very first baby who is now a lovely young woman. I can't just sit here, I need something to do, something to make for this new little boy.

So, I'm turning to the book my mom left with me recently entitled simply, Gifts For Baby. I love the simplicity of these projects and the fact that I can realistically start and finish a gift over two nap times. Some of my favorites are the crib mobiles made from felt, the terry hooded bath towel, and the painted baby blocks. I'm pretty sure I'm going to make the bunny teething ring made from a wooden curtain ring and an easy to stitch felt bunny pattern. One note about this book: You won't be in awe at the originality of these projects necessarily; it's more like you'll be reminded of those times you've picked up a $15 wooden hanger with ducks painted on it at Pottery Barn Kids and thought to yourself, "I could make this myself!" before reshelving it. This book might just inspire you to go ahead and make it yourself.

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