Monday, July 6, 2009

Simple Baby Hat

We're still waiting for Baby Solo, so I occupied myself this morning by making this simple baby hat. My wonderful husband took the baby for a walk while I ran to the fabric store and picked up this soft flannel. I intended to use the pattern from Gifts for Baby (the book I talked about in the last post), but who has time to make a special trip to enlarge a pattern at Kinkos? Anyway, I always put the original in the wrong place when I have to enlarge something and I ended up spending an annoying amount of money on wasted paper. So I just dug out one of Ari's old hats, undid the knot and traced it, careful to allow for the seam. I admit that my hem was a little messy, so I folded it under and hemmed it again instead of having a brim. I don't think Solo will mind.

Don't forget that the Craft Hope project this time is baby hats, booties, and blankets for India. We have until July 25th.
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  1. Cute hat! I'm sure Baby Solo will love it! I am just about done with a yellow blanket that I am crocheting for Craft Hope. Mom gave me a super easy free pattern on the Lion Brand website Pattern#: 7045ADLion Brand Cupcake. It's all double crochets around a square.
    Keep us posted on Kandyce!