Monday, July 27, 2009

The Outside In

So here is my favorite project. It is a branch suspended over our dinning room table.
The lighting in this room isn't the greatest, so I apologize for the fuzzy pics. It went up for Easter and is never coming down again. For Easter dinner we hung plastic eggs from satin ribbons in addition to the silk Ranunculus and the bird's nest. The eggs are gone, but the flowers and nest remain. Eventually (and by eventually I mean when my husband does what I have asked him to!!!) it will be a chandelier with suspended lights. But until then it is just fun. Today the kids and I are going to make these Kusudama Flowers to replace the silk ones.

I love the way these look. They will be the perfect addition to our branch.


  1. You have to show us how to make these flowers! Can you take pics as you do each step? I'd love to make these and hang them from a baby mobile.

  2. Ooops--I was too lazy to click on your link and now I see the flower tutorial that is really good! I love how the website breaks it down into little steps. I'm making these tonight for sure.

  3. These are beautiful! I have a book...Floral Origami Globes by Tomoko Fuse that has some more great ideas for your branches. Great project to keep little hands busy.

  4. what a sweet banner! I love your branch ides, the paper flowers are wonderful!!