Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Not feeling too crafty

I started out with such high hopes yesterday. I had plans to make a dozen Kusudama flowers and I started by cutting 60 3-inch squares of beautiful handmade paper. By step number 3, I realized that handmade paper, while beautiful, would just not work--it's too thin and doesn't hold a crease. Scrap the I have 60 squares of expensive paper to figure out what to do with.

I did make it to the sewing store to get large grommets for a toy storage bag I have in mind for the car (stay tuned), but I just never got to it. The day was saved when a package arrived from my mom filled with these colorful and happy vinyl letters. My son's room has been looking a little bare since we child-proofed it and moved the crib upstairs. These letters certainly brightened things up and only took about 10 minutes to place. They come off pretty easily and each comes with 2 full sets so I was able to spell out Ari's name over his dresser/changing table. It may not be too crafty of me, but it was all I could handle yesterday and the results worked wonders for my mood.

Not feeling too crafty yourself these days? Don't want to commit to a painting project? Check out all of the vinyl designs on Etsy like:

I love all of these designs. Notice I included a branch with flowers since I failed to make my own yesterday. I also love these paper planes. You might not know that Kandyce's kids are professional paper airplane makers. Wouldn't this be so cute flying up the walls of a kid's room? You can go to these Etsy shops by clicking on the pictures.
Happy browsing...and don't worry if you just don't have it in you some days.

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  1. Hi Kelly and Kandyce,
    I have been looking for wall decos for Ben's room for a while. He is really into astronomy, but everything I find seems geared for younger kids. (I even tried any suggestions??
    Love you guys!