Tuesday, July 14, 2009

More Recycling in the Garden

Remember my recycled shade garden project involving picking up a sink pedestal from a neighbor's curb? I love my new plant stand, but I admit it didn't take much skill. My aunt and uncle's garden fountain is a whole other level of recycling in the garden. I took the picture above while visiting them recently in Stuarts Draft, VA. The fountain is made from their old sink faucet and I love it! My son loved it too--he tried his hardest to get his hands in that water. My uncle distracted him by putting him on his tractor.

While these pictures just can't capture the beauty of this landscape, my aunt and uncle's garden really inspired me and I hope it inspires you too. I'm learning to not let anything go to waste. Just like kitchen scraps in a compost pile, ordinary household items can find new life in creative outdoor gardens:

This mulch bin is made from my aunt and uncle's old deck.

These solar panels heat the shed (and my uncle's tractor). You can use old windows to make solar panels and even cold frames for your garden beds.

You can use recycled wood and other materials to make fun bird houses and raised beds. Just make sure you use untreated wood protected with coats of linseed oil.

Happy garden recycling! I'll be back soon to show you some ideas for recycled
garden furniture and whimsy.


  1. Not only was the setting idyllic, but practical and resourceful. All of us should follow in their example of reuse & recycle!

  2. I really enjoyed the pictues and articles---Kelly and Kandyce have done and amazing job with their blog!!